HKCA Indoor Cricket is a time saving, fast paced game that keeps keen cricketers playing our beloved sport all year round. With our fantastic Basil Netten Indoor Facility down at Donnelly Park, people in Horowhenua-Kapiti can play and train cricket throughout both summer and winter. In 2017 we ran our first ever indoor competition with people of all ages and abilities taking part. We had 7 weekly fixtures run through the winter months which were a huge success and was followed up by an equally successful season in 2018.


  • Each team will consist of 6 players per side.

  • Each side will bat for 12 overs.

  • Each partnership will bat for 4 overs.

  • 1 run shall be awarded if the ball hits any net bar the back net as this will result in a 4 or 6.

  • If a pair completes a 'run', they shall be awarded 2 runs.

  • If a ball hits a wall and the batters decide to run, the runs scored shall equal 3.

  • -5 will be deducted from the batting teams total for every wicket lost although this dismissal rule does not apply to our female participants.

  • Shorter run ups, shorter pitch will equal fast reactions and a quicker game all round.

  • Games will last between 45-60 minutes.

If you are interested in starting up a team or entering a team, please contact Bailey Te Tomo on 027 627 1409 or

*If teams are tied on the points table after the final round robin game, it will go on a head to head record as to who plays off for the higher position. If tied between for than two teams, it will go back to runs scored over the tournament to see who places where.